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6 Reasons Why President Donald Trump Should Get a Dog

Presidents’ Day is upon us and without reference to political association, you’re almost certainly pro-pooch if you happen to’re studying this website. Whether you had been With Her otherwise you haven’t taken your MAGA hat off for the reason that primaries, something is needless to say, being the President of the United States is rarely a very simple gig. That’s why we’re proposing that our present Commander in Chief sign up for us pup-lovers and undertake a canine. Why you ask, would 45 take pleasure in appointing a Secretary of Snuggles to the House Of Ruff-resentitives? Read on for our paw-litical pitch for President Trump to get a pooch.

1. He’d Be in Good Company

6 reasons why president donald trump should get a dog - 6 Reasons Why President Donald Trump Should Get a Dog

Getting a canine can be a smart decision for Donald Trump. Photography by way of Photohunter / Shutterstock.

Lincoln had Fido. Roosevelt a Scotty named Fala. Johnson a pair of beagles named Him and Her. George W. had Barney and his oldsters had Millie. And who can disregard a canine named Bo? There’s a lengthy, storied historical past of presidential puppies — and so they all made their mark at the White House (and now not simply at the rugs). Having a canine comes with the territory. Wouldn’t 45’s lengthy cupboard conferences be extra amusing with a adorable Shih Tzu sitting in his lap?

2. Dogs Provide Stress Relief…

Being the POTUS comes with all kinds of stressors. Ask any canine proprietor and so they’ll let you know that there’s not anything higher to unwind than a sofa cuddle together with your best possible pal. Scientific analysis if truth be told proves that petting puppies is helping you decompress.

three. … and Companionship

Sure, his kids give him various companionship, however they’re best human, and let’s face it, people don’t seem to be with out their shortcomings. A correctly skilled pooch can do no unsuitable, and Mr. Trump can best be expecting excessive loyalty if he makes a decision to undertake a canine. Let’s now not disregard Barron, Mr. President. Every boy wishes a canine.

four. Former Presidents Have Advised Him

President Harry S. Truman as soon as famously quoted “You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.”

five. Dogs Improve Twitter Game

It’s tricky to argue that @actualDonaldTrump wouldn’t be a higher take care of if it was once Re-Tweeting articles like The Top Show Dogs of 2017.

6. Having a Dog Would Improve The President’s Health

Research presentations that taking good care of a canine ends up in more healthy results for puppy oldsters. For starters, you’ll stroll extra (which is helping your golfing recreation) and also you’re prone to devour higher. We transform extra aware eaters after we’re enthusiastic about our canine’s well being. Socialization will even beef up when the President turns the South Lawn into a canine park. Science proves buddies assist us are living longer.

So how about it Mr. 45? Get with this system and get a canine!

Thumbnail: Owner and handler David Fitzpatrick along with his Pekingese canine Malachy, winner of Best in Show at 136th Westminster Kennel Club display, visits with Donald and Ivanka Trump on February 15, 2012 in New York City. Photography © Storms Media Group / Alamy Stock Photo.

Tell us: Do you assume President Trump would take pleasure in getting a canine? Which canine breed do you assume he would revel in maximum?

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