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5 Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

There are a number of scientific flea therapies that paintings wonders at preventing fleas from wreaking havoc on your puppy, however that doesn’t imply you’ll’t check out some domestic treatments for fleas on canines, too!

Fleas on canines is usually a actual bummer for you and a well being danger for your canine. If you are taking your canine to the vet with a pores and skin inflammation one of the vital first questions your vet will ask might be, “what flea treatment do you have your pup on?” Let’s check out a couple of other domestic treatments for fleas on canines.

1. Home treatments for fleas on canines — treating your canine from the outdoor:

5 home remedies for fleas on dogs - 5 Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

Spring method sunshine, hotter temperatures and high flea season! Photography through Dora Zett / Shutterstock.

We’ve mentioned how vinegar is a smart, pet-friendly cleansing resolution, nevertheless it’s additionally an exquisite assist in eliminating pests. It seems that fleas don’t just like the scent of vinegar and you’ll use that for your benefit.

What you want:

  1. A blank spray bottle, person who hasn’t had any chemical cleansing merchandise in it.
  2. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar (ACV) each paintings. Pick your favourite, no matter is for your cabinet already or what’s on sale.

What to do:

  1. Mix water and vinegar in combination. The best resolution is a 1:1 ratio. If your canine unearths that scent offensive, you’ll dilute up to 1:three, vinegar to water.
  2. Spray your canine, ensuring to keep away from his eyes and any open sores. Let your canine’s fur air dry. Repeat this at-home flea remedy for a few days.
  3. If your canine doesn’t just like the spray bottle, soak a washcloth within the aggregate and wipe your puppy down with it.

2. Home treatments for fleas on canines — treating your canine from the interior:

Apple cider vinegar added for your canine’s water bowl can provide your canine’s pores and skin an acidy style that can make him much less sexy to fleas.

What you want:

  1. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  2. Water
  3. Dog’s water bowl

What to do:

  1. A just right rule of thumb is to combine a teaspoon of ACV for each quart of water. It’s easiest to seek the advice of your vet to peer what quantity of vinegar a canine of your puppy’s weight can safely ingest.
  2. Your puppy might flip up his nostril at this new liquid combine. If so, get started with only a tiny quantity of ACV and building up the power as your canine will get used to the scent and style.

three. Home treatments for fleas on canines — stay your backyard flea unfastened and canine protected:

Keeping your backyard flea unfastened (however nonetheless canine protected!) is likely one of the best domestic treatments for fleas on canines because it’s preventative. Here’s how:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth – Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a herbal and protected product constituted of the fossilized stays of tiny organisms. The silica that make up those organisms absorbs into bugs with an exoskeleton, like fleas, and reasons them to dry out and die. When you employ it outdoor, simply liberally sprinkle it in every single place you assume fleas is also hiding out.
  2. Sun – Fleas, just like their blood-sucking vampire family members, don’t love the solar. Keep your lawn as color unfastened as imaginable.
  3. Plant an herb lawn – Planting strong-smelling herbs close to your doorways and home windows can assist save you fleas from striking round too lengthy. Try thyme, sage, clove, basil, lavender or mint.
  4. Natural predators – Snakes, ants, beetles, spiders, frogs and lizards consume fleas. In truth, you’ll upload herbal predators for your backyard! Nematodes are multicellular animals which can be fatal to flea pupae and larval. You can buy them on-line or at an area lawn retailer.

four. Home treatments for fleas on canines — stay your canine’s pieces flea unfastened with warmth:

Your secret weapon to stay your canine’s bedding, linens, garments and toys flea unfastened is warmth. Anything that may be safely washed in sizzling water and dried on top warmth, will have to be weekly. Fleas gained’t live on the double assault of warmth.

5. Home treatments for fleas on canines — make your own home unfriendly to fleas with herbal space sprays:

Vacuuming is your easiest weapon in opposition to fleas, however you’ll additionally pay additional consideration for your canine’s favourite lounging spots with one of the vital following home made space sprays:

  1. Lemon – Cut up a lemon and steep it in water in a single day. Add it to a sprig bottle and you’ve got a pleasant-smelling home made flea repellant that may safely be used close to your puppy’s favourite spots and even on him.
  2. Salt – Clean hardwood flooring and tile flooring round your canine’s mattress with a salt/water combine.
  3. Essential Oils – Rosemary, tea tree and lavender don’t scent just right to fleas. You can use them to assist stay your dwelling area smelling great — and staying flea unfastened. But use crucial oils with warning. Some crucial oils are destructive to pets. Talk to a vet to make certain that the smell and the way in which you might be the use of the oil are protected for your canine.

Hopefully you’ll handiest want preventive domestic treatments for fleas on canines this season.

Tell us: What do you employ at domestic to stay fleas at bay? What are your tried-and-true domestic treatments for fleas on canines? Let us know within the feedback underneath.

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