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Tricks Dogs Will Do for a Pill Pouch

There’s one puppy care job that many
canine homeowners detest simply up to their canine:
giving them tablets. Many canines don’t just like the scent or style of medicine and are fast to spit them out, which may also be irritating for their homeowners. Thankfully, there’s a easy option to make tablet time extra stress-free for everyone: Hide his drugs in Milk-Bone
® Pill Pouches. The tablet pouch mask the scent and style of maximum medicines and can make your
canine assume he’s simply getting a yummy hen or hickory smoked bacon-flavored deal with.

To turn out how tasty Milk-Bone
® Pill Pouches are, we requested our readers and
Facebook enthusiasts to percentage the humorous factor or skillful trick their canine does when it is tablet time. We picked out our favourite tales, and in alternate, the chosen readers got a loose bag of Milk-Bone
® Pill Pouches. So, with out additional ado, meet 8 canines who
take a seat, dance and shake for those treats.

Tricks Dogs Will Do for a Pill Pouch

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