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Here's Why Dogs Kick Their Legs When You Rub Their 'Sweet Spot"

heres why dogs kick their legs when you rub their sweet spot - Here's Why Dogs Kick Their Legs When You Rub Their 'Sweet Spot"

Fido simply can not assist himself. Each time you scratch that candy spot on his stomach, his hind leg begins kicking like crazy–but why?

Ultimately, it is all about self-preservation.

“Dogs kick when we scratch their belly because it’s an involuntary reflex,” Dr. Marc Bekoff, a dog skilled primarily based in Boulder, Colorado, and writer of the ebook “Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed,” informed The Huffington Post in an e mail.

And since a scratching or tickling sensation may just if truth be told be a perilous parasite or irritant, reminiscent of a flea, the reflexive kicking is a type of integrated mechanism supposed to flick the wrongdoer away, in keeping with a contemporary article in Popular Science.

So the ones kicks are similar to sure reflexes of your individual.

“Let’s say you touch a hot stove, and before your brain recognizes it’s painful, the spinal cord recognizes the pain, and you involuntarily jerk your hand back,” Dr. Lore Haug, a veterinarian and animal habits skilled for Texas Veterinary Behavior Services, informed Popular Science. “If you had to wait until your conscious brain recognized something was in danger, your delay in reaction time could cause an injury or even death in some cases.”

In truth, veterinarians might use a canine’s scratch reflex to diagnose neurological issues — just a little like how your physician may use a rubber hammer to check your knee-jerk reflex.

Now you realize.


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