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Easy Solutions to Dog Care Problems

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Dog no longer partial to taking drugs? Try hiding them in Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches, that are designed to have compatibility round maximum drugs and drugs.

We’ve all been there: Our canines are very best angels… proper up till the instant the bathtub tap activates or the drugs pop out of the drugs cupboard. That’s why we’re right here with tried-and-true answers to allow you to take the tension out of items many canines detest, together with taking drugs, bathing, nail trimming and dressed in clothes.

Giving Pills

Taking drugs is occasionally a bother for us people, so it’s laborious to be expecting our canines to willingly
do the similar. Fortunately, the attraction of a delectable deal with can frequently outweigh the perceived problem of swallowing
medicine. For instance, you’ll be able to use Milk-Bone
® Pill Pouches to disguise the tablet in a yummy deal with — chances are high that, your canine might be distracted sufficient via the aroma of actual hen or hickory-smoked bacon taste to
no longer discover the medicine. Now, you’ll want to take a look at hiding her medicine in human meals like peanut butter, however that may be messy and will upload too many energy to your puppy’s vitamin. Milk-Bone
® Pill Pouches are designed to mould round maximum drugs and drugs, making it simple to cover the medicine. And right here’s a professional tip: Ask your veterinarian if it’s OK to use a tablet cutter to damage the medicine into halves or quarters and conceal it within a couple of Milk-Bone
® Pill Pouches. Just bear in mind: do not feed your canine greater than the day by day really helpful quantity of treats.

Taking Baths

You’re in the toilet, hunched over the bathtub and making an attempt to stay your shaking, soapy dog from clambering out the tub, questioning if she’ll ever love you once more. Fortunately, we’ve were given just right information: It doesn’t have to be that approach! Believe us once we say that there’s lots you’ll be able to do to assist
make bathtime extra relaxing in your canine. For starters, coax her to the bathtub with treats and reward as a substitute of chasing her down the hallway and intercepting her try to disguise beneath a mattress. Do your easiest to keep away from issues that may create
detrimental associations with bathing, like getting shampoo to your canine’s eyes, pouring water over her face or tugging on disheveled fur within the bathtub. Instead, use
heat water, talk to her in a soothing voice, brush her fur gently prior to and after the bathtub and praise her cooperation with high-value treats. Just make certain that not more than 10 p.c of your canine’s day by day calorie consumption comes from treats.
Reducing the detrimental parts of bathtime can assist flip what used to be as soon as a hectic enjoy right into a candy bonding job for you and your puppy.

Clipping Nails 

Why is it minor job like
nail trimming turns out to encourage such a lot drama in our dogs? If conceivable, get started dealing with your canine’s paws when she’s younger, in order that she grows up being accustomed to having her toes touched. But don’t be anxious if you happen to’re operating with an older canine — many grownup dogs will also be educated to permit you to take care of their paws and
trim their nails. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to trim your canine’s claws previously, get started with a brand new pair of clippers that’s distinctly other from any clippers you’ve used prior to. It turns out like such a mere alternate, however making this straightforward change may assist your canine mentally “start over” with the
nail-trimming enjoy.

Reward your canine with treats once you carry out the clippers and don’t hesitate to do that a couple of occasions prior to you even take a look at reducing any nails. You may also use different pieces, just like the eraser finish of a pencil, to contact your canine’s nails prior to you get started with the clippers. Once you’ve made it previous that step with none concern, squeeze the clippers to your hand so your canine can get used to the sound they make, then development to squeezing the clippers proper subsequent to the claws with out in fact trimming the nails. Finally, as soon as your
canine is pleased with the entire earlier steps, get started to
clip her nails in brief periods and be offering quite a few reward. Trim only one or two nails consistent with consultation and steadily upload extra nails as your canine turns into extra relaxed. It would possibly look like we’re suggesting numerous steps, however gradual and stable wins the race!

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Make bathtime extra relaxing in your puppy via giving her quite a few treats and reward.

Wearing Shoes and Clothing

You may assume
coaching a canine to put on sneakers or clothes makes no sense, however imagine this: A canine who lives within the town, the place poisonous chemical substances are frequently used to soften ice on sidewalks, may want booties to assist
offer protection to her paws from de-icers. Or how a couple of thin-coated, senior
canine who may just
take pleasure in a sweater to assist her retain frame warmth? Your canine may sooner or later want to settle for
dressed in sneakers or clothes, so it’s a good suggestion to get started practising now. As with any job canine may in finding lower than fascinating, it’s perfect to get started early in existence — all the way through the pet years, if conceivable. When it comes to encouraging your dog to settle for clothes, get started with one thing easy, like a doggie jacket with out sleeves. Make getting dressed a laugh (learn: be offering treats) and praise your canine for staying calm when she’s dressed in the clothes. If you wish to have to check out
booties, be sure to acquire a relaxed pair that’s big enough and doesn’t rub towards your puppy’s paws or legs. Be ready to check out plenty of booties till you in finding those which can be proper in your canine!

What we’re actually making an attempt to say is: Don’t surrender! With endurance, apply and Milk-Bone
® treats, we guess you’ll be amazed at how a long way your canine can include actions she used to detest!

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