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Dog Attempts to Steal Pancakes Off Stove, Accidentally Starts Kitchen Fire

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You cannot blame a canine for attempting. After all, who is not tempted through the smells, points of interest, and sounds of pancakes being made? 


That was once the case for a Golden Retriever in Southwick, Massachusetts, who jumped up to thieve some pancakes off the range in the kitchen at his house. But, because the hungry doggy went for his deal with, he unintentionally hit the ignition button at the fuel range, prompting one of the most burners to activate and filling the kitchen with smoke. 


The second was once all stuck on safety tape through the house owners, who, in accordance to the Southwick Fire Department, have been “connected to a monitored alarm system calling responders, saving severe damage.” 


While the incident may have been a lot worse, it was once a reminder from the hearth division for puppy folks to keep away from retaining pieces at the range and to believe striking protection covers on range controls. 


It’s now not simplest fuel stoves that may motive fires in properties that experience pets, warned Dr. Jerry Klein, the manager veterinary officer for the American Kennel Club. “Both electric and gas stoves present problems for pets,” he stated. “Electric stovetops stay hot even after they are turned off.”


“Pets can easily burn their paws by touching electric stovetops before they are fully cooled,” Klein stated. “Gas ranges can be turned on by curious pets jumping up to explore smells. This can lead to burns for the pet, or even start a fire.”


Echoing the commentary from the hearth division, Klein advised puppy folks now not to depart pieces on or close to the range, together with any flammable fabrics. Pet folks must educate and discourage their canine from going close to the range within the kitchen to save you conceivable fires and different injuries from going on, he stated. 


Even in case your canine is educated to now not leap up within the kitchen or succeed in for off-limit meals pieces, Klein stated, “it’s always best to make sure you have working smoke alarms in the house to alert you, should a pet start a fire when you are not looking.” 


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