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Cliff Flycatcher

The Flycatchers circle of relatives of birds accommodates numerous species. They may also be small, medium, huge and extra-large. Some species are spectacularly coloured, however maximum are greenish or grayish, and plenty of are so exhausting to inform aside through appears that one wishes to hear their voices to decide who’s who. Each species has its personal vary, with some overlaying part the rustic and different restricted to a small nook of a unmarried state.

The Cliff flycatcher (Hirundinea ferruginea) is a medium dimension songbird (7.four in.), brown above, with cinnamon-rufous rump and basal tail, dusky wings and rufous flight feathers. It is frequently observed round roadcuts and herbal cliffs and from time to time structures in South America.


The Cliff flycatcher builds a nest of roots and straw held in conjunction with a salivary mucous adhesive.

These birds catch their insect meals at the wing. Some species elevate on their operations from a set perch whilst others go back to another perch after each and every sally into the air at flying bugs. They hardly ever descend to the bottom but if they do they hardly ever stroll or hop round.

Conservation standing of the Cliff flycatcher: Least Concern.


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